3 Resources for Busy Parents
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3 Resources for Busy Parents

I am a working mom.

No, let me rephrase that.

I am a BUSY working mom. And sometimes, I need help.

No, let me rephrase that. I ALWAYS need help…with something.

I have a whole husband, two young children, a full-time job, and this blog. There are so many pieces in my life that it is really hard to keep up with everything. I also recognize that women are EXCELLENT at saving face when it comes to maintaining everything. On the outside, we seem so calm and always have it together, but inside we are always at “Def-Con 5”. But we keep it cool and together because, let’s be honest, our homes would crumble if we didn’t pull the impossible off.

Saving the day, every day doesn’t come without help and resources. I am the first to say that although I am a food blogger, I love to cook and explore different flavors, but I do not cook amazing dishes every day. Heck, not even five days a week. My family is lucky enough to get 3-4 meals out of me every week and even then one of those meals is going to be something very, very basic like tacos or burgers.

I don’t always have the perfect meal, the perfect meal plan for the week, or schedule. I’m not cut that way. I try to have a plan and I do look in my freezer every weekend to come up with some ideas, but sometimes those ideas don’t always come through.

Let’s not even talk about my health. I really need to get that together and stop being lazy and lose this damn COVID-19 weight. Now mind you, I did have a baby 6 months ago, but it is time for me to start moving my body. Even if it’s just walking or doing squats with my baby. I am not ignorant or blind enough to know that, at this point, I am doing it to myself. I have to stop making excuses and get my life and health back to being a top priority. Besides, how am I going to save the world if I am always out of breath or can’t run to save my kids?

I also need to be comfortable with relying on resources that can help me get through some tough times as they may occur. I rely heavily open and I do mean heavily, on my kitchen. I need everything in there to work…PERIOD. Not only do I need everything in my kitchen to feed my family, but I also need my kitchen to explore different recipes so YOU can feed YOUR family. So if something breaks down and I don’t have the means to fork out the cash to buy a new appliance, I may need to outsource and use a trusted and reliable company, like Aaron’s, to save the day and thus mom will save the day.

With all of these things, planning meals, getting back in shape, and replacing necessary appliances, I need some tried and true trusted brands that I can rely on and will always have my back. I know I am not the only one in many of these needs so I created a shortlist of three resources every busy parent needs.

Marley Spoon

1. When it comes to meal planning, I am a very strong advocate for using meal kits. I have mentioned this option several times throughout my blog as they have come to the rescue for me many times. Using meal kits takes the edge off of trying to come up with a recipe to cook for the family on any given night. Not to mention, they are a great way to try something new. Many of the meal kits I’ve tried were not meals I would’ve come up with on my own.

I have tried many meal kit plans and vendors. But the meals kits by Martha Stewart, “Marley Spoon” are very innovative and delicious. I mean, it’s Martha Stewart. I definitely recommend trying this brand. She has meals ranging from 20 Minute Beef Short Rib Ravioli to Classic Double Chocolate Cake! That is a delicious meal right there!


Daily Harvest

2. Being busy means you sometimes don’t have the time to plan or eat healthy options. Sometimes you need something quick and fast. Unfortunately, that does not always equate to healthy choices. Intoxicated by their commercials, I decided to give the Daily Harvest a try and I have not tried anything I don’t like yet. I am not kidding. Their smoothies are good, the latte is amazing, and so are the rice grain bowls. You’ve got to try this brand.

They also have ice cream, flatbread pizza, and almond milk! You’ve got to try this brand. I’m going to help you out, using this discount code (BROWNSUGAR), and get $25 off your first box. Hey, times are rough, and saving as much as you can these days is important.


Aaron’s Furniture

3. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve accidentally cracked, burnt, or dropped a much-needed kitchen appliance that I needed with no immediate replacement. Unfortunately, I am not always in the financial position to go out and buy need appliances. So I keep Aaron’s on speed dial. You can rent to own refrigerators, ovens, dishwashers, and many more, even if your credit isn’t the best

If you need to replace something in your kitchen and don’t have the money to replace it, Aaron’s is a great choice. With my special code “NICOLE” you can start today for just $1.*

Bottom line, I NEED HELP! I need resources. I need reliable brands that are going to get me through rough times. If you are anything like me, then I imagine that you could use these options right now.

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