Jerk Salmon Bowls (Meal Prep Goals!)
0 Comments May 26, 2021

Jerk Salmon Bowls (Meal Prep Goals!)

These Caribbean-inspired jerk salmon bowls are filled to the brim with flavor and great for meal prepping. Tender and flaky baked salmon seasoned with a glorious homemade jerk marinade; then paired alongside rice and other tasty toppings for a complete filling meal! Make it your own with endless customizations!

Knowing me is to know just how much I love me some Island flavors. Perhaps that’s the West Indian blood running through my veins, idk. Give me all the Caribbean flavors and more! I just gotta have my jerk chicken, oxtails, curry goat, rice and peas, and my beloved beef patties with coco bread as much as possible. There is nothing like a plate of this goodness for me. Listen, I’ve got many recipes to share in the coming months that involve Caribbean tings so get them tastebuds ready, y’all. This one here is the first of many to come.

If you’re unfamiliar with Island flavors, let me school you a bit. You will often find our flavors to be big and bold, packed with a nice subtle hint of heat, and serving richness and tropical vibes. Jerk flavor happens to be one of my most favorite island flavors, ever. There are so many different ways to use jerk- you can find authentic Jamaican jerk flavor to usually come in three forms: as a dry seasoning, marinade, and a paste. It’s amazing and it gives a bit of everything- salty, spicy, earthiness, and a touch of sweetness.

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