Best Ever Strawberry Crumb Cake
0 Comments May 16, 2021

Best Ever Strawberry Crumb Cake

Such a cozy treat can be found within this perfect strawberry crumb cake, y’all. So incredibly moist with warm spices like cinnamon and cardamom; and topped with a lusciously thick and generous streusel topping! Perfect pairing to go along with a hot beverage- or enjoy as a midday snack/evening dessert.

Heyyy! I love me a good baking session- cakes, cupcakes, muffins, cookies, any kind of sweet treat. Especially when it’s the weekend because weekends are synonymous with baking. There are some really dope bakers out there that make all kinds of fancy a$$ confections and cakes that look like they cannot even be eaten, ha! Those kind of extravagant desserts are not my ministry, trust, I stay in my lane lol.

My baked goods are often chill, low key, and no fuss (like me!). However, don’t get it twisted, just because my sweets are simple doesn’t mean they aren’t any good mmkay!! Another thing I am obsessed with are crumb/streusel topped baked goods. This strawberry crumb cake has been the newest love on the block in my life. It’s just plain ole good and reminds me of the types of cake grandma would make. Let’s get into it!

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