Chicken With Caper Cream Sauce
0 Comments May 12, 2021

Chicken With Caper Cream Sauce

Such a wildly delicious stunner is this ONE PAN chicken with caper cream sauce meal. Sautéed chicken breasts swimming in a rich + flavorful creamy caper-filled sauce. This dish is similar to traditional chicken piccata but a bit more elevated and even better! Makes the most perfect dinner for weeknights and beyond!

I feel like Florida has skipped Spring and went straight for the Summertime vibes because baybayyyyy, this heat tho!?! You would think we’d get a little light breeze to cool our heads but Florida said nah, y’all good lol. I guess it’s okay since I’m low key ready for my hot girl summer anyways, ha! Listen, ya girl is fully vaxxed and anticipating some traveling happening in 2021. Nothing invigorates my spirit more than a getaway.

And I’m also so excited to start developing some summer-inspired eats and treats for you! I’ve got a little spreadsheet going with some ideas and testing lined up. However, all things Spring-y still ring true and I’ve got this new one for you. I made this chicken with caper cream sauce in my IG stories not too long ago and got so many messages about it. It’s simply delicious and definitely one that I know you’ll enjoy!

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