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Birria Quesatacos With Consomé (+Video!)

There is a reason that Birria Quesatacos have been sensationalized and made popular all over the world. Tender beef birria shredded and pan fried with melty oaxaca cheese inside of corn tortillas and consomé (richly flavored birria broth). Get ready to make these insane taco truck worthy birria tacos right at home!

Ooooeeee, y’all. I cannot tell you how excited I am to share this post with you! These birria tacos have been in my drafts section for some time now and no more, nah. I wanted to make sure that I did plenty research and gave you a really informational post about what even is birria quesatacos. When developing recipes outside of my own culture, I believe it is of major importance to place an emphasis on not just doing the bare minimum for any kind of internet clout. Listen, I know how I feel when I see non-Caribbean’s making Island food, ha! It truly grinds my West Indian gears. But alas, let’s talk about these delicious tacos already.

Birria quesatacos have taken the world (mainly the internet!) by storm. They gained huge popularity over social media channels like TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook. Tons of foodies everywhere ogled over that delicious stewed meat being fried up inside of corn tortillas with Oaxaca cheese and a side of broth for dipping. I’ve tried other folks’s birria tacos recipes and I can attest to seeing why many are obsessed with them. They are incredibly good and such a treat to make. While a bit more time consuming than your average recipe, these birria quesatacos have got to be on your next must-make list for sure!

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