Bacon Gouda & Spinach Egg Bites
0 Comments April 29, 2021

Bacon Gouda & Spinach Egg Bites

These easy and delicious bacon gouda and spinach egg bites are the perfect make ahead treat to have on deck. Extra filling and loaded with ample flavor; they’re the most amazing little bite sized breakfast!

Lately I’ve been on a real big meal prep kick. I love waking up and having ready-made options just awaiting me in the refrigerator/freezer. Listen, ain’t nothing better than being so dang hungry and then remembering that you prepped some stuff ahead of time. Seriously one of the best surprises when you wake up or after a long day when you don’t wanna cook a thing. These bacon gouda and spinach egg bites are my latest fave.

Have y’all ever had the egg bites from those chain coffee shops or anywhere else? I was previously obsessed with Starbucks‘ bacon and gruyere egg bites and had to have them 24/7. Legit every single time that I went to grab some coffee/tea, I ordered their egg bites. Then I realized how easy they are to make at home and have been loving this recipe so much so that I make a batch of them every week. Let me tell you about them!

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