Easy Skillet Carrot Cake
0 Comments April 25, 2021

Easy Skillet Carrot Cake

Supremely moist, perfectly spiced, and beaming with flavor is this easy skillet carrot cake in a nutshell. This cake bakes up in a cast iron skillet for an even better texture and gets slathered with a tangy cream cheese frosting- so delicious!

As a home cook and recipe developer one of the most common questions I get is if I prefer cooking or baking. I usually hesitate a little because I honestly enjoy both. However, before I started Butter Be Ready, I did have more of a penchant for baking. It’s true, that’s exactly how the name of this site came to be. Prior to engaging in a baking session, I almost always had to take butter out of the refrigerator to soften for recipes.

I loved (and still do!) me some butter. Everything from making frosting, to developing sauces, cooking with, and all that is in between; butter is bae! I thought my namesake was a cute play on words surrounding my love for butter and, well, here we are years later. Listen, ya girl is certainly the happiest when baking up new sweets + treats and this skillet carrot cake is one I’m proud of. So excited to share it with you.

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