Collard Greens Soup With Beans and Ham
0 Comments April 15, 2021

Collard Greens Soup With Beans and Ham

Incredibly rich, flavorful, and so comforting is this collard greens soup with beans and ham. Whip up a batch of this extra hearty soup filled with Southern goodness, so easy to make and warming to the soul!

We are knee deep in Spring and ya girl is over here making soup, ha! I know, I know, but I also don’t care because a good bowl of soup always hits no matter the season. This collard greens soup is just the relaxing vibe I’m canoodling with after having some family in town recently. One of my sister’s and her whole gang came down all the way from Indiana and we all had a real nice time. All good things must come to an end.

My sis has two of the most amazing children, a boy and a girl. As I type this, one is five and the other is eight. They’re smart, entertaining, and highly inquisitive to say the least. I have no children of my own so it is always such a joy to be around little humans. We had a pool party at my mom’s, we ate a ton, went to Busch Gardens, and a whole lot more! My socializing meter has been depleted and now that they’re gone, I’m recharging my batteries haha. Plenty of time to myself and a heaping bowl of this soup is the move!

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