The Best Fried Catfish (Fish Fry 101)
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The Best Fried Catfish (Fish Fry 101)

It doesn’t get better than tender, flaky, and extra flavorful fried catfish fillets with crispy golden cornmeal breading. Marinated in buttermilk and seasoned well with a variety of spices; this fried catfish is best served alongside hush puppies and coleslaw for the ultimate Southern fish fry! So comforting and delicious!

Oooeee are y’all ready to talk about this fried catfish tho? Listen, I am so excited to finally share this one as it’s been in the works for some time. There is truly nothing like a good ole Southern and proper fish fry. It’s comforting and just down right delicious. I don’t fry fish on the regular, it’s more of a special kind of treat. Also, fried catfish is one of my mom’s favorite things in the whole wide world. I made her a special little fish fry a couple of weeks ago and she ate every bite with a quickness, ha! I knew I had to share with you.

What is a fish fry? In the South, a fish fry is usually a seasonal event (typically in the summertime) that involves a community of folks getting together for certain events. This can be for birthdays, reunions, or some other kind of celebration. No matter the size of the gathering, the fried fish is abundant and the side dishes are plenty too. These days with the state of the world right now, being in community is challenging but for a good reason. Whether it’s just you or your immediate crew at home, I hope you enjoy this recipe!

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