The Perfect Classic Meatloaf Recipe
0 Comments February 4, 2021

The Perfect Classic Meatloaf Recipe

There’s no boring meatloaf here with this perfect classic meatloaf recipe. Deliciously moist and extra flavorful meatloaf with the most mouthwatering glaze. Easy, simple, and great for weeknights!

Since we’re somewhat close and I trust you, I feel like this is a safe space to admit something. I use to despise meatloaf, y’all. Everything about it irked every single part of me, ha! Listen, the color of it was off-putting and I just could not get down with it. Additionally, it didn’t help that much of my memories came from the meatloaf that they served in school lunches. You know what I’m talking about don’t you? Yeah, some of those school meals they served us were atrocious and down right unfair…I’m still traumatized lol.

In my journey of being a home cook, I found ways to experiment and basically gave meatloaf a chance. Some of the things that I disliked about the meatloaf I’ve tried in the past; they were dry as a puck, not flavorful, and the topping was off. None of that nonsense with this meatloaf recipe you guys. I’ve crafted a perfectly damn good and easy recipe that hits beautifully. Over my way, we enjoy it a lot during the weeknights or cozy weekends-in when we just wanna eat something comforting and Netflix and chill.

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